Quality is at the heart of everything we do

Plantmation takes great pride in helping customers reach their full potentials. We follow time-tested System Development Lifecycle methodologies to execute every project. This ensures quality and accuracy at every step of a project, from initial kickoff to onsite startup. From basic systems integration to advanced process control, Plantmation has the skills and proven experience to provide the following services.

Control Systems Integration:  We adhere to industry best practices throughout the system development lifecycle, from kickoff meeting, to developing Functional Requirement Specifications, Detailed Design, Implementation, Customer Acceptance Testing, Commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing. We also follow established Project Management principles for managing contracts, customer expectations, project scope and change orders.

Batch Control Systems Design & Implementation:  Plantmation adheres to ANSI/ISA-88 (S88) standards when designing and implementing batch control systems. This ensures flexibility and longevity of the delivered system, resulting in crucial benefits for our customers, such as quicker response to market demands, and reduced total cost of ownership. We have implemented packaged batch solutions such as Honeywell TotalPlant Batch, and Batch Supervisor, as well as custom solutions using Modular Batch Automation (MBA) approaches.

Continuous Control Implementation:  We have implemented and tuned all types of PID loops, including Cascade, Feed-forward and Output-limiting in various processes such as oil refineries, petrochemicals, industrial power plants, and specialty chemicals.

Advanced Operator Interface Design & Implementation:  Plantmation understands the importance of proper operating display design for plant and personnel safety. We have implemented numerous Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays with varying degrees of complexity, but always with operator-effectiveness in mind. We typically implement displays that adhere to guidelines from the Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) Consortium, which aim to let operators focus on important tasks at hand. Furthermore, we have helped several customers with their display standardization efforts, leading to cross-site consistencies that ease operator rotations, and reduce implementation costs.

Control Systems Migration:  Plantmation engineers have led and supported multiple DCS migrations, from legacy to current platforms, and from one vendor’s platform to another. Over the years, we have developed proprietary software tools to automate time-consuming tasks, such as validating point ranges, alarm priorities, discrete signal directions, etc. This allows us to save considerable amount of time while ensuring 100% accuracy of the migrated system. Furthermore, given our vendor-neutral position, we provide our customers with the best and unbiased advice.

Applications Migration:  We possess the skills and experience necessary to migrate any size application, from small custom-built programs, to large commercial-grade licensed software packages. We are in fact one of a few entities in the world that have successfully migrated (under the customer’s license) Union Carbide’s Fortran-based UNIPOL Polypropylene calculation application running on a UNIX operating system, to a modern Service Application running in a Microsoft Windows Server environment. The latter has been validated for 100% accuracy, and unattended continuous 24/7/365 operation.